Register for Awesome 2019

So we already ran off to the woods and are not going to be looking at your registration since we are pretty much unreachable at the camp.

If you just buying a ticket now please do so and come join us as there is still plenty of room.

When you get to camp ask for David, Austin or Tracey and they will assign you to a cabin and get you all checked in.

If you are feeling poor we will go ahead and tell you that a discount code is “koala” for $60 reg.

Directions are here We will be in camp #1.

Carpool info is here

Make sure to look at the what to bring list or you might be bummed:

Sliding Scale Pricing

Full Registration for Awesome 2019 is $130. This covers costs for site rental, van rental, supplies and contributes to helping folks that can't pay the full reg to be able to come and participate.... so, if this is workable for you, we sure appreciate it. Awesome is not a profit-taking event and we are doing our best to bring you the awesome at-cost!
For Awesome 2019 we are doing pay-what-you-can registration, so please pay what you can.
And don't ever let the ticket price stop you from coming.

Tell us about yourself

Time to buy some tickets -- Ticket Price $130.00

Okay, on with the details